Yasmin Hagedorn, Benefits Advisor 

To get in touch with Yasmin, email yasmin@benefits4success.com, or website yasminhagedorn.wearelegalshield.com 

Christopher Grounds, Ph.D., Certified Identity Protection Advisor

Christopher is a Certified Identity Protection Advisor with the Identity Management Institute - his goal is to bring world-class cyber education and identity theft awareness to individuals. North Alabama is a target-rich environment for identity theft - he's seen how companies and small businesses benefit from cyber education for their employees. However, no one is looking out for the individual consumer to let him / her know how identity theft can affect them, and what they need to do to protect themselves.

​To get in touch with Chris, call (256) 585-9237, email chris@benefits4success.com​​

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Colleen Morgan, Benefits Advisor 

To get in touch with Colleen, email colleen@benefits4success.com, or website colleenmorgan.wearelegalshield.com 

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Benefits4Success in Action

Joni Grounds, CEO of Benefits4Success

Joni has had a diverse 30-year career in large business marketing and small business ownership. She understands the challenges that  employers face in starting and sustaining a small business. Benefits4Sucess was established in 2013 to bring affordable legal and identity theft products and services to the North Alabama area. Since North Alabama is rich in technology, this also makes residents targets for espionage and identity theft.

Keeping good employees is a challenge for business - our mission is to provide exceptional benefits at affordable costs to businesses and employees. Keeping employees productive and stress-free is important, and legal / identity theft protection is one of the fastest growing benefits in the marketplace today!

To get in touch with Joni, call (256) 585-7005, email joni@benefits4success.com, or website jonimgrounds.wearelegalshield.com